At My-Lin, customer service is our primary focus providing complete fabricating services on time and in budget!

For over 50 years the name My-Lin has stood for on-time quality production metal fabrication. Our scope of services includes the complete range of custom metal fabrication from cutting, to forming to final assembly and welding using a full range of materials and equipment to produce almost any type of custom metal fabricated component. Beyond metals our experience includes working with a full range of material types for a wide spectrum of industries. Material types range from most metals to plastics to even stones like granite and marble. Multi-processed high-quality components have been fabricated for both large and small firms representing a wide range of industries including heavy equipment, aerospace, automotive, signage, electrical, hardware, and medical devices to name just a few.

With My-lin fabricating you have a fully equipped, reliable and capable partner with the experience and know-how to efficiently produce highest quality custom metal fabrication components. Whether cutting, milling, punching, forming, welding, assembly, painting or all of the above…we are equipped, qualified and ready to do the job. Our engineering department can process your drawings in most CAD formats or even reverse engineer articles when necessary. Our modern ERP system effectively controls drawing revisions so that proper revisions can be easily confirmed and implemented.

With our specialty being short and medium range production metal fabrication, we understand the importance of quick turn around and low cost set-up. Furthermore, with our parent company Franklin Automation, we have experienced automation and tooling engineers on staff providing innovative cost saving production solutions. Whether it is designing new die tooling, weld fixtures, multi-up cutting fixtures, or feeding automation, we have the experience and know-how to provide innovative solutions to meet your custom metal fabrication requirements. My-Lin Fabricating is ready to take on your production metal fabrication challenges providing full range of services from rapid prototyping to short and medium run custom metal fabrication.

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